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Boot Knife for Survival: A Tradition of the Bootlegger For Preppers

When it comes to having a last-resort fighting knife, one major concern is usually keeping it concealed from prying eyes. After all, having a big bowie knife on your hip may look … [Read More...]

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Paying Debts During a Crisis: Josh’s Take on Survival Knowledge

Today we're looking at survival knowledge from around the web, and including some helpful commentary to assist you in determining which articles you'd like to … [Read More...]

Common Sense Prepper’s Weekly Top Youtube Survival Video

Helping You Choose a Good Mask to Combat Airborne Disease


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Expiration dates are small and hard to find on most foods. Mark them clearly yourself instead.

5 Tips for Proper Rotation of Your Survival Food Stockpile

Stocking food is a game of trying to keep a laundry list of expiration dates from catching up to you, with a few items having decades long dates but most being within 1-4 years. As … [Read More...]


Homesteading Advice: My Experience With Chickens

  A big part of homesteading (particularly if you've got a prepping mindset) is the animal population that you'll be caring for and eating. Few of us have any practical … [Read More...]


Tips to Sharpen Your Knives: Josh’s Take on Survival Knowledge

Today we're checking out survival knowledge from around the web, and including a little bit of commentary to assist you in selecting the articles that most interest … [Read More...]


Prepping Vs. Homesteading: Which to Choose?

In survival circles, prepping/preparedness and homesteading are two terms that are thrown around a lot. Some people insist that prepping is superior to homesteading or vice-versa, … [Read More...]


How to guide Yourself Properly with a Compass Part 2: Using a Compass and Topographical Map

See the whole series! Part 1 | Part 2 Now that you've learned the basics of operating a compass without a map, let's see how you can exploit all the utility a topographical map … [Read More...]

Old Compass

How to Guide Yourself Properly With a Compass, Part 1: Intro to Using a Compass

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Could “Red Dawn” Happen Here? Josh’s Take on Survival Knowledge

Let's check out some survival articles from across the web, with some helpful commentary from us to assist you in choosing the most useful ones.   From … [Read More...]

smith and wesson survival knife

Smith and Wesson: We Aren’t Talking About Guns

Smith and Wesson is famous for it's firearms, and deservedly so. Yet, they have also attached their name to a variety of other products, including survival knives. Owing to the … [Read More...]


Vegan Preparedness: Can You Survive on a Limited Diet?

At first glance, intentionally restricting your diet as vegetarians and vegans do seems counterproductive to being properly prepared for a disaster. Furthermore it can seem to some … [Read More...]


Survival Landscaping With Barbed Wire: Josh’s Take on Survival Knowledge

We're taking a look today at some articles from across the web in order to find the best survival knowledge possible. Our helpful commentary will hopefully assist you in choosing … [Read More...]