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Military Clothing: Good Gear or Overrated?

Is Military Clothing Really as Good as You Think? Slap the word "military" onto almost anything, especially clothing and there will be people lining up to buy it. The term makes … [Read More...]

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Camping Shower DIY: Cheaply and Simply!

Camping Showers Are Great For Hygiene Without Power If there is one luxury that everyone loves, it's the ability to sit in silent appreciation of some warm water to wash up with … [Read More...]

Common Sense Prepper’s Weekly Top Youtube Survival Video

A Cool and Frugal Idea for Carrying Around Salt and Pepper in a Survival Situation


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ALICE packs are old and rugged, with metal clasps and a sturdy eternal metal frame to support it.

Military Backpacks: MOLLE vs. ALICE

Which Rucksack Should You Use? When it comes to military backpacks, there is constant argument over which of the two primary systems should be used. ALICE (All-Purpose Lightweight … [Read More...]


Survival Hygiene: How to Setup a Proper Sick Room

Although many pieces of survival knowledge have limited application during "normal" times, knowing how to setup a sick room is quite useful even today. It helps caregivers by … [Read More...]


Survival Gear: A List Of Bugout Bags, Camping Supplies, Water Purifiers and More

Your Survival Gear Could Save Your Life...But What Do You Need? Bugout Bags, firearms, water purifiers, tents, firestarters, and the vast list of other common prepping supplies … [Read More...]


When #2 Becomes a #1 Priority: Josh’s Take on Survival Knowledge

Today we're taking a look at survival articles¬†from around the web and including some helpful commentary to help you choose which ones would be the most useful! From … [Read More...]


5 Everyday Weeds That You’ll Want in an Emergency

  Our lawns and gardens are invaded every year by pesky weeds, and local watering holes and fishing spots can have their shores completely blocked by pervasive plant … [Read More...]

VAseline cotton ball fire starter

Low Cost Prep: Homemade Firestarter

  We like to highlight low cost and minimal effort preps that can have a high impact on your preparedness. Continuing this series, I am going to show you my absolute … [Read More...]


MRE’s: Great Survival Food or A Waste of Space?

Emergency Food for Those Desperate Moments MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) are one of the first kinds of stored food that come to mind after you've got your canned goods and other … [Read More...]


West African Ebola Outbreak: Josh’s Take on Survival Knowledge

Let's take a look at some helpful survival knowledge from across the web. Our commentary should be useful in helping you choose which articles are interesting to you! From … [Read More...]

The ESEE-6 is a great knife for those who want a longer blade with enough durability for batoning firewood.

ESEE Knives: Taking a Look at a Quality Brand

An ESEE Knife is a Quality Knife During the course of my research on all kinds of knives for survival purposes, I've looked at many of the major brands and compared their pro's … [Read More...]


Making Improvised Camping Lanterns: Josh’s Take on Survival Knowledge

Today we're looking at some survival knowledge from across the web and including some helpful commentary to assist you in choosing which are the most interesting.   From … [Read More...]