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Vegan Preparedness: Can You Survive on a Limited Diet?

At first glance, intentionally restricting your diet as vegetarians and vegans do seems counterproductive to being properly prepared for a disaster. Furthermore it can seem to some … [Read More...]

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Survival Landscaping With Barbed Wire: Josh’s Take on Survival Knowledge

We're taking a look today at some articles from across the web in order to find the best survival knowledge possible. Our helpful commentary will hopefully assist you in choosing … [Read More...]

Common Sense Prepper’s Weekly Top Youtube Survival Video

Helping You Choose a Good Mask to Combat Airborne Disease


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A Very Personal SHTF: Preparing for a House Fire

Of all the disasters that can strike a prepper, few are as devastating and deadly as a house fire. The losses can be almost total and come without any warning owing to the smallest … [Read More...]


Getting Your Family Interested in Prepping: Some Advice From a “Millennial”

Sometimes getting your family to be apart of your prepping activities can be more difficult than acquiring your actual preps! It means a great deal to have the support of your … [Read More...]


Threat From Above: Josh’s Take on Survival Knowledge

Today we're checking out survival knowledge from all over the web and providing some helpful commentary to assist you in finding which ones will interest you.   From … [Read More...]


Microtech Knives for Survival: Time for Auto-Openers?

  Microtech knives have been around since the mid 90's and they have a reputation as robust and well-made blades. Unlike many survival knives, though, Microtech's … [Read More...]


What Are You Prepping For? Josh’s Take on Survival Knowledge

Today we examine some survival knowledge from across the web, and include a little helpful commentary to assist you in choosing which articles interest you.   From … [Read More...]


5 Cheap, Versatile Items You Need to Stock (Besides Duct Tape)

Duct tape is one of those glorious items that remains reasonably priced but can still be used in almost any conceivable survival situation. However, there are others that are also … [Read More...]


How to Select and Use a Survival Machete

We've discussed the survival axe and knife in a previous post but there is a third survival tool that many argue should be a centerpiece to any outdoorsman's kit, the machete. … [Read More...]


The Butterfly Knife: A Great EDC Blade or Showy Nonsense?

The butterfly knife (also known as the balisong) was once a staple in films for its flashy and dramatic blade deployment. Directors tended to put these knives in the hands of … [Read More...]


Powdered Peanut Butter: Not Worth The Money?

We've discussed a number of survival foods, and even a couple different powdered/dehydrated varieties. Powdered peanut butter, however, is rather interesting. Most powdered foods … [Read More...]