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What is Quinoa?

An Alternative to Wheat? Looking at Quinoa Quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) isn't likely to have shown up in your pantry unless you are more adventurous in your cooking ingredients, … [Read More...]

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Got Powdered Milk?

Powdered Milk For Survival There are all kinds of survival food available, but few people tend to think of milk as a possible storage item. Even for people in our modern day with … [Read More...]

Common Sense Prepper’s Weekly Top Youtube Survival Video

A Simple Makeshift Rain Shelter From a Trash Bag


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Survival Food Storage Guide: Powdered, Freeze-Dried, Dehydrated, Canned and More!

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Why You Need to Take a First-Aid Class for Survival: Josh’s Take on Survival Knowledge

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Powdered Eggs: A Great Addition to the Survival Kitchen

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The Esee Lazer Strike Survival Knife: Initial Impressions

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DIY Firebricks: Josh’s Take on Survival Knowledge

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Military Clothing: Good Gear or Overrated?

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Camping Shower DIY: Cheaply and Simply!

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ALICE packs are old and rugged, with metal clasps and a sturdy eternal metal frame to support it.

Military Backpacks: MOLLE vs. ALICE

Which Rucksack Should You Use? When it comes to military backpacks, there is constant argument over which of the two primary systems should be used. ALICE (All-Purpose Lightweight … [Read More...]


Survival Hygiene: How to Setup a Proper Sick Room

Although many pieces of survival knowledge have limited application during "normal" times, knowing how to setup a sick room is quite useful even today. It helps caregivers by … [Read More...]


Survival Gear: A List Of Bugout Bags, Camping Supplies, Water Purifiers and More

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