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Alternative Deodorant for SHTF

Let's face it, all the washing and sanitation in the world isn't going to keep your BO totally at bay. Not only is this scent unpleasant to most people, but it is also … [Read More...]

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metal fire

When Water Doesn’t Work: How to Fight a Metal Fire

Most people know how to douse your average fire: you chuck water on it until it dies down. However, there are other classes of fire that are not so easily quenched and few are so … [Read More...]

Josh’s Weekly Top Youtube Survival Video

How to Build a Tumbling Composter...Just in Time for Spring!


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prepared kids

10 Quick Tips for Teaching Kids About Preparedness

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Bugging Out: How to Choose a Proper Campsite

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Looking Deeper: What Makes a Rocket Stove So Great?

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Lights Out and One Second After: Comparing Two Quality Survival Books

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5 Common Homesteading Myths

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Small Things Can Create Big Problems: Josh’s Take on Survival Knowledge

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Survival Tactics: Dealing With APCS

  When it was announced that the Department of Homeland Security had acquired some 2,700 armored and mine-resistant vehicles, the news was met with an understandable … [Read More...]


Should You Bother With a Bayonet for Survival Self-Defense?

The bayonet has a long an illustrious history and has resulted in many victories, but it has also been the weapon of choice for suicidal mass charges against entrenched positions. … [Read More...]