8 Uncommon Prepping Materials You Can Use in the Wild

8 uncommon prepping supplies you can use in the wild

Preparing a kit for disaster does not have to be costly or heavy. You can actually make ordinary items into amazing survival tools.

These home appliances, as well as other odd items, will help you to organize your pre-planning kit.

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Top 8 Unusual Supplies for Preppers

1. Chopsticks

Chopsticks can be used to eat sushi but you’re wrong. These are essential survival items.

You will need a fire starter if you find yourself stuck in the wilderness.

You can buy lighters, matches or state-of the-art firelighters. Chopsticks can be used to save money. These chopsticks are extremely useful as they are made out of wood and highly flammable.

Keep your recycled chopsticks dry in the sun to make them more flammable. This will eliminate any moisture buildup.

These wooden utensils, which are thin and lightweight, can be used to light a flame. This eliminates the need to produce lighting material in damp and wet areas.

2. 2.Corrugated-Texture-and-Product-for-Advertising-and-Design-Preparation-Accessories

You can put lint and cardboard rolls in the trash bin. Or do they? If you’re wild, even seemingly useless junk can turn out to be valuable.

Similar to chopsticks and cardboard rolls, lint or cardboard rolls can be used as fire starters.

It is easy. It takes only seconds to make a portable fire starter.

The first step is to fill the cardboard roll in with lint. Then wrap it with old newspaper. This will make the cardboard roll and fluff lighter, making them more flammable.

This clever device is ideal for camping in wet areas or in snowy regions. It’s easy to light a fire anywhere.

3. Safety pinsSafety Pin on Dark Background-Prepping Supplies

Safety pins are an ingenious invention that is simple yet clever. Safety pins are a simple but clever invention that can be worn in many ways.

These can be used to make do-it yourself fishhooks, coat hangers, and makeshift tweezers. These can also be used to make medical and hygiene tools.

A bunch of safety pins can also be used to make an arm sling. For first aid purposes, you can make one from a few needles and a tee shirt.

To close any open wounds, medical professionals will use sterilized security pins. There are many options.

4. Cable tiesPile of Colorful Cable Ties on Blue Background Prepping Supplies

Zip ties and zip ties are common but rarely used in your prep accessories.

Zip ties can also be used in place of duct tape. Cable ties are a reliable DIY product that can also be used outdoors for a variety of purposes.

First. You can build a shelter using cable ties. It is lightweight and strong enough to bind poles or fabrics for pitching tents.

Zip ties are more consistent than ordinary strings or rubber bands. It’s a great binding material. It is resistant to pressure and won’t crack under stress.

This is why you need to have lots of them in your emergency bag. Cable ties can be used to attach bags, tie plants and secure tarpaulins.

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5. 5.gray linen kitchen towel on a table made from old wooden boards prepper accessories

You can use old fabrics, such as sheets, curtains, or blankets, to make your pre-prep materials. It is not unusual to use an old fabric for survival.

The reused clothes of the past are now being used to make bags, bedding, uniforms, and other useful items. These seemingly useless items can be made useful with a little imagination.

Old fabrics are great for building tents, catching fish, capturing wild animals and taking care of wounds in remote areas.

6. Tote bagsWoman with Empty Bag of Canvas Fabric Prepper Supplies

Grocery bags are great prepper materials, especially heavy ones. The strength of carrier bags made out of polyethylene or canvas is a great example.

They are more durable than conventional bags and can withstand more wear and tear over time. Carriers bags can withstand harsh environments thanks to this special quality.

Do you need to take wood in bundles? You don’t have to. A carrying case is a must.

They are made of high quality materials so they will not rip in extreme heat or cold. They can even be water resistant so you can use them to repair jackets and tents.

7. TamponsYoung woman with menstrual tampon in hand prepper supplies

Surprise! Surprise! Don’t think that we are going drag your leg.

A tampon is a fantastic survival item. A list of useful prep materials should include it. Preppers, how important is a Tampon?

If there are no dressings available, tampons may be used to treat the wounds. You can finish the job with some safety pins, old cloth, and old glue.

8. tightsYoung adult female hands holding brown nylon tights prepper supplies

Tights make a great survival item. Although it might seem odd on the list, we can assure you that it is effective. It has been used by the military as a bubble-resistant fabric under their socks.

You can use tights to prevent foot blisters. Wearing tights can help repel ticks and leeches if you don’t like them.

Do you want to catch fish? You can do it. Pantyhose can be used as a makeshift net. This garment can also serve as a self-defense tool. You can make a bola by filling it with stones.

You can watch this video from The Survival Prepper, which features 8 unusual survival prep supplies:

If you want to survive in nature, it’s not all about the material. You can complement your traditional prep materials with more unusual items from your home. Creativity and a little imagination are key!

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