Bugging Out Know When to Evacuation During An Emergency

Bugging Out Evacuation Plan

Bugging out is a common military term used by preppers to indicate when you may need to leave your home suddenly due to a threatening situation. Bugging out does not always intend to go and live in the woods.

There are many signs that you should be aware of when getting ready to bug-out. You can tell you need to evacuate a space or when to bug out:

  • People in your area start to buy loads of emergency supplies.
  • The police or military presence in your area is increasing.
  • There are massive lines at a bank for withdrawing money.
  • The lines at gas stations are very long.
  • Most importantly, if the local government tells you to get out, you should do so with no questions.

How Far Away Should A Bug Out Location Be? Choosing Your Bug-Out Location

A bug out location is a piece of land, house, apartment, or shelter that you can evacuate to in case of a disaster or emergency, and it is different than your home

When it comes to mileage, you will want to factor in your method of transportation. If you are walking, your bugging out spot should be no farther than 60 miles away from the urban center. It would be best if you also have a bug out bag ready for your journey.

  • Choose a space that is easy to get to.
  • Look for a place that is appropriate to be in concerning your skills. For instance, if you have good hunting skills, then it will be fine to choose a bug-out space in a forest that animals may be found in.
  • Consider how you can use the land to your advantage. This includes using that land for growing crops or raising livestock.
  • Look for a natural water source in the area.
  • Look for spots that can work as shelter spaces. A cabin, trailer, or another building type can be useful if it is not in use.

What Should I Look For In A Bug Out Location, What Does It Need To Have?

Choosing a good bug-out area is one of the most crucial actions you can take if you’re going to take prepping seriously.

If you live in a big city (or near one), it’s to your biggest advantage to distance yourself as much as feasible in a WTSHTF situation. A big group of people panicking and growing desperate for supplies is not something you need to worry about.

People know that they need a bug-out location of some sort, but there are not sure how to start. They understand they should locate a spot to get away from the disturbance, but they aren’t certain of the details.

Here are some things that you need in your bug-out location:

  • A natural source of water
  • Soil that you can grow food in
  • Access to roads, preferably ones that are close to your property but won’t directly link to it
  • Enough space for sunlight; this works if you have solar-powered items to work with
  • Wood and other items to start fires with
  • Enough of space to provide you with an escape route if the location is no longer useful

Pros and Cons of Evacuation Centers

While evacuation centers can be essential for your safety in the event that you have to get out of your home, they are also problematic. These centers can be useful spaces for lots of people in the event of an emergency but you must be aware of some pointers with regards to these places.


  • Capable of handling hundreds or thousands of people
  • People can receive food, water, and shelter
  • Everything takes places indoors in a controlled environment
  • Showers and electricity are available
  • Full medical treatment is available


  • These spaces can be crowded.
  • Some diseases can easily spread in such places.
  • There may be a limit on how many resources are available.
  • Such a space may meet not all needs.
  • There is no guarantee that the government or any other organization will have it all running smoothly.
  • People in some of these spaces may become hostile over time

Getting out on your own might be the best option for your needs so your life will be safe and under control.


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