The Benefits of Paracord for Survival and Everyday Use!

Benefits of Paracord for Survival and Everyday Use

Paracord is a fantastic tool for survival. It is simple and practical. When I was approached to try the Paracord product, I had no idea what makes this material highly desirable. I thought it must be a cross between high-tech survival gear and a travel sewing kit. I was right!

I’ve had a chance to try a keychain and wristband made of Paracord, which was designed to fit perfectly and in my chosen colors. Now I am sold, and this product is fantastic. Wear it on your wrist, or my favorite is to attach it to a first-aid bag, grab-and-go backpack, or even purse. The look is fun, but you have a piece of functional, survival jewelry in the end.

Are you curious yet? Do you want to know what this miracle material is?

What Is Paracord Used For In Survival?

According to the website:

Paracord comes from the cord used on the soldier’s parachutes in WWII. When soldiers landed on the battlefields, they would cut the Paracord off their parachutes and pack it up for later use. The term 550 meant that it had a breaking strength of 550 pounds, giving it its full name of 550 paracords, or 550 cord.

This particular cord would come in handy for the soldiers during battle. Whether used to strap gear to humvees, help build shelters or lower gear down ledges, the cord could be used in endless ways.


This Product is a “Must Have” for Scouts

My two older boys are in Scouts, and these products are perfect for outdoor activities. My eldest son uses the keychain regularly, and the sturdy size and shape make it easy to find. The compass selection is ideal for any Scout, hiker, or survivalist.

Excellent Product for Emergency Personnel

Suppose you are a Policeman, Fire Fighter, Coast Guard, or any other kind of emergency personnel, including CERT (community emergency response team). In that case, this is a great product to own and wear. This would also make a handy, practical gift.

You pick your colors and the type of cord style you prefer, Gator, Fishtail, Cobra, or custom. The technique used to make the individual styles unique and creative will cause a stir when you wear one. All your friends will want to know where you go it.

Paravival also boasts of other Paracord products, including belts, watches, compasses, paracord kits, pet gear, and many other made-to-order products.

In an emergency or survival situation, the goal of Paracord is to deploy quickly when needed. You can view several tutorials at the Paracord site showing you the quick release option and how in less than 20 seconds, you have access to your cord.  

Imagine being on a boat, camping, hiking or skiing, or in your concrete jungle, and you need a strong cord right now. There are thousands of uses, and you immediately have access to the benefits.

Macallister Anderson

I am by no means an expert in every aspect of this stuff. I plan to learn, and when possible, enlist the help of experts in various fields to come together and offer their knowledge. In a few years, I dream that this site will be a virtual survival encyclopedia and allow a total novice to come on here and be supplied with everything they need to prepare for anything.

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