Devices to Help You Communicate Effectively in an Emergency Situation

Devices to Help You Communicate Effectively in an Emergency Situation

Even when you are Bugging-In and staying safe in your home, there will almost always be potential for you to communicate with others.  Using prepper communications methods to send signals to other people increases the possibility that professional help may come to you with the best survival radio communications systems.

Satellite Phone

The land and mobile phone networks might be out during an emergency, but a satellite phone can still help you reach others. This type of phone operates with satellites instead of regular cell sites.  A satellite phone looks rather rudimentary when compared with a typical Smartphone.

It has its own battery, but it will not have many features outside of calling someone.  You can find many satellite phones for $400 – $700. Considering how many of these phones were closer to $1200 each a few years ago, this could be a real bargain for you to use.

Weather Radio

A weather radio is another must-have. It is a battery-powered radio that will take in access to weather radio stations that are broadcast on a certain band.

If you live in the United States, then you will get access to NOAA broadcasts. If you are in Canada, then you can get Weatheradio Canada reports.  This type of radio will keep you up-to-date on emergency conditions as they occur.  Be sure to listen to this type of radio regularly.

Citizen’s Band (CB) Radio

The Citizen’s Band radio is an interesting form of communication that provides you with a two-way connection if a phone network is not open. This helps you send signals out if you are going to try and communicate.

When finding a CB radio, you can also get access to different police, fire, and emergency radio signals. It’s imperative that you listen to these regularly to hear what is going on and if there are any changes in conditions where you are.

Cell Phone Wireless Network

There is a chance that a wireless network may still be sound when you are bugging-In, depending upon the extent of the damage in the disaster that you are getting through.  If the wireless network is open, then you should be certain that your phone is charged correctly.  A good solar-powered charger or a battery-based charger is vital.

Besides, you might have to check and see where you will get the best cell reception on your property. This is to lower the odds of you having dropped calls.


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