Why Be a Prepper, What are You Prepping For?

Survival Prepper

A prepper is more than someone who is preparing for a major disaster. A prepper is also looking to make sure that they can actually survive the effects of such a tragedy.

Prepping for beginners is important in today’s world. If you are not prepared for a major disaster, you might not survive a major catastrophe.

Why Do Preppers Prep? Survivalism

Preppers are people who prepare for all kinds of severe problems. These cover such dangers as:

  • A significant natural disaster like a hurricane, earthquake, or flood
  • Chemical emergencies like a nuclear meltdown, chemical strike, or even nuclear conflict
  • Social breakdown due to a lack of important resources
  • Economic breakdown due to deflation, hyperinflation, or a depression
  • A pandemic involving a distinct condition

The threat of what could occur through any of these conditions can be very dramatic. If you are a prepper, you may have a simpler time thinking out what you have to do to survive a critical situation.

Preparing for a Natural Disaster and Devastating, Unforeseen and Uncontrollable Scenarios

Normally known as when the shit hits the fan, situations occur when the worst possible circumstances materialize. There are many possibilities, to name some examples:

  • A large earthquake could damage the infrastructure of a local community.
  • A chemical strike on a local city could spread all sorts of dangerous conditions such as a plague, anthrax, botulism, Ebola, or SARS.
  • Population overgrowth could lead to an extreme lack of resources in the future. These cover the resources needed for survival.
  • The common currency, especially paper money, may become useless over time. This could be due to hyperinflation or depression.
  • An asteroid could hit and destroy by wiping out an area that is tens if not hundreds of miles in area.
  • Major climate cycles that involve a continued drought continuing for many years could make food supplies to die out.

Survivalist preppers plan for these circumstances because they understand that they are genuine difficulties that could occur. Just because it seems strange does not indicate that everyone is going to be completely safe.

Recent Natural Disasters In The World

There have been several real disasters that have interrupted society as a whole. These cover disasters that have incited people to survive on their own:

  • The Bosnian War from 1992 to 1995 made thousands of Bosnians to be blocked in their own country without any security from the government. They were made to survive on their own for an extensive stretch of time.
  • Hurricane Katrina in 2005 is thought to be the worst hurricane in American history. Much of the American Gulf Coast were required to live on its own amid chaos from the destruction of properties, flooding, and key government offices’ general failure actually to show up to assist.
  • The people of Zimbabwe endured hyperinflation in the last half of the 2000s. Hyperinflation was measured at about 89.7 sextillion percent in 2008. Yes, 89.7 with 20 zeroes!

These are just a few genuine disasters that have made people become preppers. Whether it is from a natural disaster, economic collapse or war, or the government’s threat, failures can occur. Being a prepper is definitely the most useful task for you to do to survive.


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